See The Five 5 Type Of Friends To Avoid If You Want To Become Successful

Sometimes in life some set of people that who were destined to succeed end up failing or becoming so unsuccessful and not because they were meant to fail, but because of the type of friends they are seen hanging with.
These are the set of friend we would be talking about today:-
1. IGNORANT CLASS a.k.a Useless
These are the kind that when you ask them for advice or useful information, they keep acting clueless and dumb. Their usual reply to everything you ask is “I dunno oooo”.
Although there might be the occassional cases where what you’re asking may be difficult and they actually don’t know the answer to a question, that doesn’t mean they should not even bother to try or point you in the right direction.
Some may be afraid to answer because of your temper, but majority of them don’t like to tell you their ideas because they are in competition with you in their heads, they keep useful information that would better your life away from you because they want to be better than you. If you have this kind of friend, It’s time to say goodbye.
2. ENERGY DESTROYER a.k.a hater
These people are everywhere, always telling you how not to live your life but are nowhere to be found when you need advice on how to make your life better.
Do not associate with these kind of people, they never bring anything good into your life, they are just sticking around to pull everyone down.
These people are very common online, though they might be close friends or family members, all they do is monitor you and condemn every attempt you make at creativity. Do not hesitate to block haters.
3. ABSENTEE BENEFICIARY a.k.a Ghost-worker
Never keep friends who just claim to be friends for friendship sake, if they aren’t contributing to your life, they are not your friends, contributions range from ideas, positive advice, showing up when you invite them etc.
If they are always full of excuses not to turn up for you, never call you, but only pop in once in a blue moon to ask you a favour when they need something, eliminate them from your life.
They are the kind that would disappear for 5 years not a single call, ignore your dms on social media, only to remember you when you make it big, or when they are about to get married and they need someone to be their best man, maid of honour, or when they want to launch a book and need someone to sponsor for their event.
When you spot this kind, only conduct dealings with them as you would with a business client, they are not truly your friends.
There is always that one friend that comes to your house in the morning when you were just planning to go out to hustle or work, and instead decides to give you the early morning gossip on each and every one of your mutual friends.
These gossips are usually always about something negative that happened to people you know, the only time they say something positive about others is when they want to use it to spite you.
If a woman seeking fruit of the womb has a friend like this, the first news they would bring is: “Hmmmm, have you heard? Doreen, your younger cousin has put to bed o, hmmmm some women are really fertile than others ooo”.
When there is no news about your friends, they go on to gossip embarrassing stuff about celebrities who are doing far better than themselves Cee-cee and Tobi, Miracle and Nina, or Messi and Ronaldo.
My favourite on this list, these kind of friends constantly put weights on you and if you aren’t careful would hang all their responsibilities on you for the rest of your life. Now it’s important i explain this in more detail.
There are people who have run into some problems and genuinely need your help, I am not referring to those people.
I’m talking about those greedy lot who constantly feel they are entitled to everything you have. They won’t work, even when you try to find them something to do, they would always come back for more, they are always begging.
They are the kind that would have 100 million and still beg you that have only 20k for money. They are never satisfied.
The danger with these kind of people is that they wont hesitate to sell you out if it would benefit them.
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