Let’s Talk!!!! Is There Anything Wrong In Wizkid Dating Tiwa Savage?

and Tiwa Savage have been in the news for quite some time now.

Traveling together, performing together and also some dope photos together. Plus, the public display of affection has been intense.

The hugs, the touches and also the kiss Wizkid planted on her cheek at GidiFest. This has sent social media pages into a frenzy mode.

While Wizkid has always been a playboy from start. Three kids in a row now and the last one with Jada, his manager who was older than him.

Most people on social media have termed his relationship with Tiwa Savage as one that ought not to happen. After all, Tiwa Savage is still married and has a kid already.

Even if she has problems with her hubby currently, most people are of the opinion Wizkid shouldn't be frolicking with her. In the past, Wizkid has always referred to Tiwa Savage as Aunty Tiwa.

But since Starboy has gone international and since the American culture permits Men and Women of different ages to have something with each other, Wizkid has changed to the & Most in-form Playboy.

The Nigerian culture frowns at scenarios where a married women flirts with a man who she's not married to, plus Tiwa Savage is quite older than Wizkid.

Tiwa Savage is 38 already and Wizkid is still 27. The age gap is quite far, but the Starboy has no regard for this. Ever since Ma Lo was released, Wizkid and Tiwa have been travelling to shows together.

If Tiwa is invited to a show, Wizkid would also be invited as well. Most social media pundits have alleged that Wizkid has given Tiwa Savage a new vibe and this youthful look.

Her life has changed ever since Ma Lo. She has shut down shows and also her popularity ratings has also sky rocketed to an all time high.

Tiwa Savage seems to be the one that has benefitted most from the relationship and while Wizkid seems to be unperturbed by news and reports about their relationship.

Wizkid himself has thrived on controversies and taken it to his own advantage.

The greater part of last year was characterized with his beef with Wizkid but right now, social media influencers are of the opinion it is morally wrong to be flirting with a married man.

People feel there should be a limit at which he should relate with Tiwa Savage and they also feel he has gone overboard especially when he kissed her on stage at GidiFest.

Wizkid's Ex, Tania also shaded her last week about her going extreme with Wizkid.

But, where is it written in the constitution that an older woman shouldn't tango with a younger man.

But the question is 👇

  1. Is It Morally Right For Wizkid To Flirt With Tiwa Savage?

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